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Arthur Dlamini

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The process of discovering oneself through love is the heartbeat of Arthur Dlamini’s work as a visual artist. The lens is his talisman – which opens up a world where he captures the sacred journey of the human experience. Armed with curiosity and a unique perspective of the Divine, he navigates the domains of creating memory by exposing the authenticity of human emotion. His source of inspiration comes from his soul, his connection to music and the conversations he shares with everyday people. One cannot separate the cry for collective liberation and personal freedom from an Arthur Dlamini original. In a contemporary art space that often celebrates technique over message, Dlamini has managed to challenge the standard by using the complexities of human emotion as his creative compass. Each piece brings with it a reverence for compassion, vulnerability and honouring one’s divinity.



Arthur’s intention to eternalise the precious moments of live performance, is for both; the viewer and to allow the performers into the audience to see themselves fully immersed in their art.


Explore Batho and take a thought provoking journey into the complex emotions of humans, from all walks of life, being


Be careful where you step, nature is alive.


Taking the road less travelled, to engage unchartered thought.


The spiritual gallery. An exploration into the works that manifested through divine guidance. Unpacking age-old indigenous African spiritual practices and it’s connection to Arthur’s creative process.

AD Reserve

A personally curated collection of Arthur’s favourite uncategorised image archive. Captured through exploration, meditation and experimentation.

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5 May – 5 july 2024

AbaNtu is not merely a collection of photographs; it is a testament to the power of photography as a tool for healing and connection. Arthur Dlamini’s unique ability to capture the smiles, unique features, and demeanors of his subjects transcends mere imagery, delving into the depths of human experience. From iconic jazz musicians to everyday citizens, each portrait tells a story—a story of resilience, hope, and the beauty of individuality.

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Take a look into the homes, hotels, boutiques and various other establishments that are now a home for the Arthur Dlamini archive.

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